Mounts Gallery

I'll never have a complete collection but I'm pleased with the mounts I have got so far. My favourites are always the mounts that you earn through completing reputation with a faction or earning a meta-achievement, because when you look at them it reminds you of the effort it took to get them.

For a more complete list of mounts available in LOTRO, these websites may be helpful:


Bay Horse
Hengstacer Farms

Blonde Sorrel Horse
Hengstacer Farms

Bloodbay Horse
Hengstacer Farms

Bree Starter Horse
Hengstacer Farms

Chestnut Horse
Hengstacer Farms


Prized Algraig Horse
Algraig, Men of Enedwaith

Prized Angmar's Free People's Horse
Council of the North

Prized Ashen Horse
Council of the North

Prized Eglan-Steed
The Eglain

Prized Rivendell Horse
Elves of Rivendell

Prized Eorlingas Horse
The Eorlingas

Prized Galadhrim Horse

Prized Grey Company Horse
The Grey Company

Prized Helmingas Horse
The Helmingas

Prized Nimble Redhorn Goat
Iron Garrison Miners

Prized Tundra-Horse
Lossoth of Forochel

Prized Malledhrim Steed

Smokey Black Steed

Prized Mathom Society Horse
Mathom Society

Prized Liver Chestnut Steed
Men of Bree

Prized Dunlending Horse
Men of Dunland

Prized Esteldín Horse
Rangers of Esteldín

Prized Stangard Horse
Riders of Stangard

Prized Thorin's Hall Goat
Thorin's Hall

Prized Théodred's Riders Horse
Théodred's Riders

Prized Dark Chestnut Horse
Wardens of Annúminas

Quests and Deeds

Grey Horse
Epic Quest Vol 1

Eriador Horse
World Renowned

Elf Ambassador's Horse
Ambassador to the Elves

Steed of the Reminiscing Dragon
A Journey Through Middle Earth

Gondor's Steed
A Wedding at Midsummer

Steed of Cardolan's Dawn
Deeds of Cardolan

A Little Extra Steed
A Little Extra Never Hurts - Part 2


Note: The dates recorded are when I obtained these mounts, not necessarily when they were first launched in-game.

Steed of Ogodil
7th Anniversary 2014

Steed of the Jester
Spring Festival 2014

Lissuin Steed
Spring Festival 2014

Pony of the Midsummer
Summer Festival 2014

Summerdays Steed
Summer Festival 2014

Treasure Laden Pony
Treasure Hunt 2014

Farmers Faire Steed
Farmers Faire 2014

Summerfest Steed
Farmers Faire 2014

Steed of the Yield
Farmers Faire 2015

Treasure Laden Goat
Treasure Hunt 2015

Steed of Winter Winds
Yule Festival 2015

Yule Festival Glittering Horse
Yule Festival 2015

Wintry Yule Steed
Yule Festival 2015

Steed of the Ithilien Winter
Yule Festival 2015

Anniversary Steed
9th Anniversary 2016

Steed of the Woodland Realm
9th Anniversary 2016

Windfells Goat
9th Anniversary 2016

Steed of New Bloom
Spring Festival 2016

Steed of Ethuil
Spring Festival 2016

Steed of Winter's Light
Yule Festival 2016

Steed of the Moth
Spring Festival 2017

Steed of the Unflagging Dragon
10th Anniversary 2017

Steed of the Summer Sea
Summer Festival 2017

Goat of the Harvest Sky
Farmers Faire 2017

The Farmer's Second Favourite Steed
Farmers Faire 2017

Steed of the Gloaming Autumn
Fall Festival 2017

Steed of the Eldar Autumn
Fall Festival 2017

Winter Elk
Yule Festival 2017

Ice Flower Steed
Yule Festival 2020

Yule Gala Steed
Yule Festival 2020

Steed of Regal Revelry
14th Anniversary 2021

Steed of Remembrance
14th Anniversary 2021

Steed of Starlight
15th Anniversary 2022

Blackroot Steed
Midsummer Festival 2022

Steed of Entwining Blossoms
Midsummer Festival 2022

Lamedon Steed
Midsummer Festival 2022

Lebennin Steed
Midsummer Festival 2022

Lossarnach Steed
Midsummer Festival 2022

Fireworks-laden Goat
16th Anniversary 2023

Steed of the Autumn Sage
Fall Festival 2023


Steed of the Burglar

Steed of the Captain

Steed of the Champion

Steed of the Guardian

Steed of the Hunter

Steed of the Lore-master

Steed of the Minstrel

Steed of the Rune-keeper

Steed of the Warden

Red Painted Skeleton Horse

Steed of the Citadel
Blessing of the Valar Upgrade

Steed of the Eastemnet
Helm's Deep Promotion
Steed of the Eldar
VIP Gift 2017
Steed of the Alliance of the Third Age
Mordor Collector's Edition

Obsidian Steed

Festive Azure Horse
5-Year Anniversary Giftbox
Steed of the Great Alliance
Minas Morgul Collectors Edition
Elderslade Boar
War of 3 Peaks Collectors Edition
Steed of the Wild Hills
Figments of Splendour
Steed of the Dusk-watch
Elk of Felegoth's Glory
Figments of Splendour


  1. That's a really nice collection. And props for updating it up to date!

  2. Amazing collection! Just returned to LoTRO after a 5 year break, and looking to get some more mounts. Keep up the collection!